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    Pat Stout

      SFR Rainbow Bridge

      Policy and Permitted Uses
      Because the Snake River Preservation Group, Inc. (“SRPG”), which is the owner of the Snake Falls Ranch (“SFR”), has invested in the construction of the only existing bridge over the Snake River as it passes through the SFR (the “Bridge”), the SRPG Board of Directors has adopted this policy concerning its limited use for the purposes intended. This policy is subject to amendment at any time by the SRPG Board of Directors and they shall be binding upon all shareholders of SRPG and all lessees of SRPG, to include all members of the Snake Falls Sportsmen’s Club and any guests of such shareholders or members. See Photo – courtesy of Pres. Adams.

      History and Purposes
      The SRPG built the Bridge above the falls for the purposes of expediting cattle crossing the canyon without entering the river and improving access to the west side of the ranch for emergencies, fire control, and work projects. Joe Fehringer, Pat Stout, and our contractor, Dustin Hoefs should be commended for their efforts. Many others put in considerable time and effort. Joe has dubbed it the “Rainbow Bridge.” The Bridge also improves access to the west side of the SFR for recreational use that does not violate this or any other existing policy set by SRPG, including its ATV Policy. The Bridge approaches shall remain gated and locked unless engaged for a permitted use. Any use shall be subject to inherent risks that are assumed by the user.

      Policy and Permitted Use of the Bridge:

      A. The primary permitted uses of the Bridge shall be:

      1. Those uses that relate to operation and management of the ranch by SRPG employees and designees, which also includes the crossing of cattle over the Snake River instead of the traditional practice of driving them through the river channel; and crossings of persons associated with such cattle crossing, whether on foot, horseback, ATV, UTV or other permitted vehicles that do not at any time exceed the posted weight limits of 8 tons. Such use for crossing cattle is limited to lessees of SFR/SRPG and those who obtain advance permission for such use from SRPG.

      2. Transport of emergency vehicles that do not exceed posted weight limits over the river for purposes of fire suppression, emergency and rescue events by agencies engaged in such emergency work and volunteers engaged in such work.

      3. Any other use permitted under this policy

      B. Other uses of the Bridge permitted under this policy:

      1. Pedestrian crossing by any shareholder, member or guest for any use permitted on the SFR, but no fishing from or climbing upon the bridge is permitted. There is a pass through at the gate for foot traffic (See Photo with President Adams).

      2. Any other use with written permission of the SRPG Board of Directors. This includes recreational use through a system offered by SRPG, including permitted use of ATV or UTV crossing of the Bridge.

      2024 Offer for Limited Rainbow Bridge Use Permits for Members

      ATV or UTV Vehicles

      The SRPG offers to Shareholders of SRPG (“Shareholders”) and Members of SFSC (“Members”) the opportunity to purchase a permit for limited access and use of the Rainbow Bridge for ATV or UTV vehicles only. Each ATV or UTV that is used for crossing the Bridge shall have a permit. Applicants will pay $250/year for each permit. Persons with permits are subject to the following:

      1. For ATV/UTV traffic only. No other vehicles may be permitted.

      2. The SFR Rainbow Bridge Policy, the ATV/UTV Policy (both attached) and all other rules and policies apply to this permitted use.

      3. A yearly fee of $250, due March 31 each year. The bridge gates will be locked at all times. One or more keys will be provided to the bridge permit holders. Keys cannot be shared with non-key holders for bridge use on non-permitted ATVs/UTVs or by non-permitted persons who are not Shareholders or Members (or the immediate family of Shareholders or Members).

      4. Only a limited number of permits will be issued. No bridge permits will be available after March 31 each year.

      5. Permitted ATVs/UTVs will use established trails only.

      Funds collected will be used for bridge and trail maintenance. Apply for a permit by email to Kyle Shidler (

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