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    Pat Stout
      Cabin 19
      A new outhouse/washroom built and installed by Joe Fehringer in the cabin area, NW of the well.
      This new facility is intended for use by campers and cabin occupants for toilet, shower, and washing/drying needs, especially during the day when Ron is trying to turn over cabins. It is nicely appointed, and I am sure it will be preferable to the service building.
      · Cabin 19 is equipped with a toilet, shower, sink, washer and dryer, hot and cold water, heater and exhaust fan. (The window must be open at least two (2) inches when the exhaust fan is on.
      · Bring all the things you need to use the building. There will be no soap, washing detergent, towels, nor washcloths furnished.
      · Remove your shoes/boots before entering the building.
      · Do not wash shoes/boots in the washer, sink, or shower.
      · Do not clean fish in the building.
      · Leave it as you find it
      · The building will be locked November through March.
      · This facility is not for public use. Members and guests only!
      Mike Adams
      President, Snake River preservation Group
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