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    Libby Bickford

      As most of you know, SRPG is planning to place a bridge across the Snake just downstream from the “Swimming Hole”. This will further facilitate our plans to get cattle off of the river and greatly increase our access to the west side of the ranch for emergencies, fire control, and pasture maintenance. Please see the timeline and volunteer needs below. Watch for heavy equipment south of the Snake Falls driveway and don’t expect to fish in this area while work is being done.

      MIDWAY BRIDGE PROJECT TIMELINE [Subject to weather and V-time]
      Week of 8/16:
      Equipment contractor [Hoefs] to mobilize, remove trees, start dirt work. Concrete “legos” to be delivered and possibly installed. Welding contractor [Valentine Machine & Manufacturing] to make necessary modifications to rail car deck.
      *SFSC needs to have one or two “gophers” available to run errands as needed and have our fire rig available.
      Week of 8/23:
      Equipment contractor to finalize installation of “legos”, complete backfilling, set rail car, finalize all grading work, and install all erosion control materials.
      *SFSC needs to have three people available to seed and help with the erosion control material installation. Exact days TBD by progress of other work.
      Week of 8/30:
      Welding contractor to install [weld] bracketing to widen the bridge deck, planning on 30th or 31st.
      *SFSC needs to have four or five people available to install the bridge planks, expect one good day or two short days. Exact days will depend upon completion of the welding phase. NOTE: This work could be moved to the week of 9/6 if necessary.
      Week of 9/6 —–Labor Day week:
      *SFSC manpower needs will depend upon what gets accomplished during the week of 8/30. The remaining tasks are:
      1. Painting the sides of the deck [could be done at any time in the future]
      2. Applying a sealant to the surface of the deck ahead of the road base material [caliche.]
      3. Install erosion mats on the roadway at both ends of the structure
      NOTE: These tasks could also be done the week of 9/13. Goal is to be done by 9/17.
      4. Install cattle panels [Tom Davis]

      Contact Joe Fehringer for questions and to volunteer, 402 910-8888, or at

      Thank you,

      Mike Adams
      SRPG President

      Libby Bickford

        August 26, 2021

        Midway Bridge Project, Snake Falls Ranch

        Dear members of the Snake Falls Sportsmen’s Club,

        As many of you have noticed, our bridge project is progressing nicely. However, it will not be complete or safely used for some time. Please do not attempt to use the bridge or its approaches until notified that it is ready for use.

        Our primary purpose in building the bridge is to enable cattle to cross the river without damage to the fishery and riparian zone and to improve access for emergency vehicles. Parameters for use of the bridge by members will be published in the future, but such use will probably not be allowed until next year.

        Many thanks to Joe Fehringer and Dustin Hoefs, our contractor, and his crew, as well as many of you who have and will help.

        Mike Adams

        Snake River Preservation Group

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