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    Libby Bickford

      SFSC Annual Meeting
      March 5, 2023

      Jules and Vince prepared lunch for the club. We ate sub sandwiches, chips,
      pickles, potato salad, and mini cookies. Bottled water was also provided.

      Vince called the 34th annual meeting to order at 1:06 PM.

      “As is customary, we always like to introduce each other.” Members present
      introduced themselves.

      Clarification for spinners above the falls: two hooks per line limit. We try
      to keep the fish from getting torn up – it also reduces snags. Don’t use
      spinners on Pat Stout’s land.

      Minutes for 2022 were approved via unanimous vote. 1st Greg Stuchlik 2nd Mike Adams

      Jules Kiner presented the 2022 P&L statement. We had a lot of revenue, and
      many expenses. There is a healthy flow of transferred money from PayPal coming
      in. We under-estimated our PayPal fees at 2.5 percent for this year. Some
      refunds were given in 2022, but some were denied. Ron and Gini base pay went up
      5% this year. Prime Time pay is being offered when cabins are busy. Seems to be
      working well. Rent given to SRPG and Pat Stout will increase this year.

      Trails are being improved. Rodney Schwartz continues to make our trails better.
      Jules thanked him for his efforts.

      Cabin insulation and siding and new carpet/linoleum were installed in Cabin 1.
      It is much nicer. The river side has larger windows. Major repairs and
      maintenance were up by about $18K in 2022 versus 2021.

      Guest fees dropped about $4K in 2022. Expenses increased across the board. Gross
      income declined for the year. Rates are going up as a result.

      Online fees are cheapest if you use a bank account and pay via your mobile
      phone. Paying with a debit or credit card incurs a higher fee. Fees are being
      absorbed by the club currently.

      There was some discussion among club members about the recent boost in CD
      savings rates. Since we have a large bank balance, the club may want to look
      into a CD.

      Cabin fees are set at the time of booking. When rates go up, they apply to new

      A motion to approve the Budget Report was made at 1:29 PM.
      Mike Adams 1st Dick Coke 2nd The vote was approved unanimously.

      Vince presented the President’s Report next. Three members quit in 2022. Doug
      Axford (not getting use), Robert Johnston, and Jason Schear. A few memberships
      are coming in yet. The waiting list is over 40 people.

      Please make sure that when you do work for the club, you pay your cabin fees and
      bill the club for the work done. It messes up accounting.

      Jules Kiner was hacked in early February. LPD and FBI have been involved with the
      $18K loss incurred as a result. It appears to have been lost in the weeds now.
      Club members offered anecdotal stories of debit card issues and were saddened to
      learn the news. Reminder: credit cards offer better fraud protection. Social
      engineering is a booming business for criminals – always ask yourself if the
      call is expected before taking action.

      The bank account has been locked down and federal agents indicated how often
      this attack method is being used to steal amounts in the range of $60K to $700K.

      SFSC and SRPG money protection methods are being re-evaluated by the boards as
      a result of this hack. The Snake Falls web site has nothing to do with
      processing online payments. Member logins have no security impact on our funds.

      SRPG rent is increasing from $80K/year to $120K/year. Pat Stout’s rent increased
      from $7392 to $9874 as a result. The SRPG plans to immprove cabins with the
      additional money. Modifications to Cabin 5 are coming…a complete re-build.

      Work Weekend 2023 – Mike Evers and Joe Fehringer have created plans to take bids
      on a new Cabin 5. Bids should be received in 2 or 3 weeks. The SRPG board plans
      to look into short-term financing potentially. The SRPG policy has been to hold
      $100K in the bank for an emergency fund.

      Mike Adams called for a work crew for cedar removal. He needs people with young
      backs. We are looking for a hay/straw source for trail improvement. Contact Bill
      Howes if you know where to find a good source of straw.

      The windows on the south side of Cabin 6 need to be replaced this year.

      Board members up for re-election: Dan Lindstrom, Jules Kiner, Jeff Stout, and
      Dick Coke. No discussion about board replacements.

      Paul Kingston motioned to approve new board members.
      2nd by Jeff Stout
      The vote was approved unanimously.

      Greg Stuchlik motioned to adjourn the meeting. Deb Stuchlik seconded. All
      club members approved the motion. 2:04 PM

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