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Pat Stout

    First, we are still looking at a Survey sometime during the week of September 27th.

    Kyle, the upper stretch has not had a lot of attention in the past, but this year we do want to sample the Foot Bridge reach (old Davenport property). That appears to have a small population of browns with a 22 inch brown caught 2 years ago. Below the Falls, especially if you snorkel, there are big browns. As I have mentioned, browns are not frequently caught and people have the misconception that they have disappeared or been swept to Trimble’s property, lol. Not so, but you do have to change up your timing and technique as they tend to be night time predators and tough, but not impossible, during the daytime. The Fall is a good time to target browns, but beware the redds.

    This year, I have received encouraging reports about 20 inch brown trout being caught below the Falls. That is on average a 6 year old fish.