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Libby Bickford

    August 26, 2021

    Midway Bridge Project, Snake Falls Ranch

    Dear members of the Snake Falls Sportsmen’s Club,

    As many of you have noticed, our bridge project is progressing nicely. However, it will not be complete or safely used for some time. Please do not attempt to use the bridge or its approaches until notified that it is ready for use.

    Our primary purpose in building the bridge is to enable cattle to cross the river without damage to the fishery and riparian zone and to improve access for emergency vehicles. Parameters for use of the bridge by members will be published in the future, but such use will probably not be allowed until next year.

    Many thanks to Joe Fehringer and Dustin Hoefs, our contractor, and his crew, as well as many of you who have and will help.

    Mike Adams

    Snake River Preservation Group