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    Pat Stout

    To members and guests of the Snake Falls Sportsmen’s Club
    New protocols for cabin usage at the “Falls”.

    These are the times that try men’s souls” and for most of us there is nothing better for our souls than to get our feet in the Snake River. However, your fearless leaders feel we must take some extra time, effort, and inconvenience to protect and reassure ourselves, fellow members, guests, and contractors during the pandemic COVID-19. Please have patience and cooperate with us.

    1. If anyone in your group is ill, please stay home. We will not charge for your reservation.
    2. Your cabin will be disinfected and open on arrival. All other cabins will be disinfected and locked.
    3. Call Ron at (308)279-0259 if you need something.
    4. Do not enter cabins you have not reserved.
    5. Disinfect surfaces and door handles as you leave the cabins for home. The virus has been found able to stay infective for up to 3 days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces. Disinfectant will be provided in the cabin.
    5. Due to increased time required for cabin turnover, checkout time is 11:00 am. Arrival time is 4:00 pm.
    6. Do not use Service Building from 9am to 5pm. Disinfect it when you leave.
    7. Don’t take the toilet paper or the disinfectants. If you can’t get it for home, we can’t get it for the Falls.
    8. Don’t crowd the cabins and follow CDC guidelines for “Social distancing”.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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