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Pat Stout

    Hi Rodney,

    Yeah, it probably is a good time to have a conversation on the Brown trout above the Falls, especially after all of the improvements. C&R, optimal fall flows, cattle largely off the stream and better habitat due to erosion control are positive factors and why we are hearing of brown trout being caught the last few years, I think. But, that begs the question of whether we want, or need, to “stock” brown trout at this point. And, opinions have been voiced on both sides of the barbed wire fence in the last few years. If the browns are naturally repopulating above, then should we just let mother nature take its course in a wild trout fishery? Do we “need” to augment the repopulation, then? Will fish collected below export over the falls back downstream? Will it negatively alter the rainbow fishery? These are concerns from members that need to be addressed. The survey next week may also help us in assessing the number of browns and class age that is there. Those results, when data compilation is complete, will be forthcoming in a report and posted on the site.

    Also, it would be a good time to address member requests that we stock Brook trout in the Snake. I do not think there is a snowball in hell’s chance that it would ever happen, especially if you know anything about brookies. But, we can address it, answer the questions, and move on.

    tight lines

    ps-if you have caught a brown trout above the falls & have a photo, would you please send me a photo? Many thanks.