Front Page Forums Club News Updates Reservations for MAY/JUNE/July 2022 To OPEN JULY 8th 2021 Reply To: Reservations for MAY/JUNE/July 2022 To OPEN JULY 8th 2021

Pat Stout

The website Reservations are fully open up to 365 days (or 12 months) in advance per SFSC guidelines. Many bookings have been made over the last 2 days, so please, do not wait too long to make yours for 2022.

One issue noticed by a couple of individuals is that the “calendar availability” did not extend past April 2022. What appears to be happening is that the computer is still loading to catch up for May-June-July of 2022 as bookings are being made. The website settings are okay and the catch up should take a couple of days. In the meantime, simply go below the calendars and enter your booking, as it will definitely show availability up to 365 days in advance here.

Any questions (or fishing reports), please call or text Pat Stout @ 719-244-7605.

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pat stout