Snake Falls is located near Valentine, NE. | Edit
Snake Falls Sportsmen's Club (SFSC)


  1. All federal and state laws will apply.

  2. Guests and their actions are the responsibility of the member sponsoring them.

  3. All members and their guests must have membership cards on their persons while on land leased by the SFSC.

  4. Camping is allowed only in designated areas.

  5. No open fires, charcoal fires, or fireworks are allowed on land leased by the SFSC. Camp stoves, and gas grills are permitted.

  6. No cutting of trees or any part of trees.

  7. No hunting is allowed within 200 yards of occupied buildings. Hunting is not allowed on Pat Stout's land.

  8. See 2019 SFSC ATV Policy.

  9. Driving is allowed only on established trails.

  10. Check out time is 1:00 PM. All dishes should be washed, dried, and put away before leaving. Furniture is to be placed in its original position.

  11. Garbage removal from the cabins in the responsibility of the members. A dumpster is available in the restaurant parking lot.

  12. Members shall be responsible for damage done to any leased property by themselves, their guests or their pets.

  13. If members or their guests do not conform to above stated rules, or if behavior is belligerent, or hostile, while on the leased property, invitation for membership will not be extended the next year, and may be terminated immediately. If necessary, law enforcement authorities will be contacted.

  14. The SFSC is offering the use of property leased by the club in its present condition, with its inherent risks. The SFSC assumes no liability.

  15. Members are prohibited from providing guided fishing or hunting for compensation on property leased by the SFSC.