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Cabin Reservation Policy

Last Updated: January 8, 2019
Effective: January 8, 2019

Guest Fees 2019

SFSC charges: $75/day for adult guest fishing.

$25/day for guest under 19 fishing.

$35/day for guest fishing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday throughout the year and all days from the end of deer rifle season to the end of February. Parts of Tuesday or Thursday will be charged at the Monday or Friday rate if the guest also fished Monday or Friday.

$15/day for dependent age 19 through 21 membership card.

Guests will be charged for each 24 hr. period present on the ranch. If the guest arrives at noon on Friday and leaves at noon on Sunday, he will be charged for two days guest fee. If he arrives at noon on Friday and leaves at 5 pm Sunday, he is charged for three days.

Guests who neither hunt nor fish on the property are charged at the fishing rate.

Guests who do not stay overnight on the property are charged the same guest fee for fishing as those who do.

Guests should not be on our leased property unless their host is also. A guest should not arrive before the host, nor leave after the host.

Guests are entirely the responsibility of the host member. Any wrongful actions by guests will reflect upon the host member and any disciplinary action taken by the club will be taken against the host member.

All guests should pay a guest fee, whether they hunt or fish or not. If members want to meet with non-members, there is ample public land and camping/picnic area at Merritt or on the National Forest. If a person is on our leased land he should have a guest card or a membership card.

Dependents are considered members and have the full rights and responsibilities of members.