Snake Falls is located near Valentine, NE.


Good catch and release technique allows a fishery to support more fishing pressure. More fish will survive to grow larger and be caught by fellow anglers. Release of 14 to 18 inch fish is particularly beneficial to the stream because they are the most prolific spawners. Trout are a relatively fragile species, especially when the water is warm.
To give the fish its greatest chance of survival you should:
  • Avoid playing the fish to exhaustion.
  • Keep the fish in the water as much as possible.
  • Avoid lifting the fish by the hook, especially if the hook is deep.
  • If deeply hooked, simply cut the line as close as possible to the hook. Avoid pulling or jerking the line.
  • Fly fishermen are encouraged to use devices such as the Ketchum Release Tool. With these, your catch can often be released without ever being touched.
  • Wet your hands before touching the fish and handle them as little as possible. Avoid the gills and try not to squeeze the fish.
  • Return the fish gently to the water. Keep it upright and facing into the current. Fish may need help staying oriented for a few minutes if their oxygen level is overly depleted. Hold them facing a gentle current until they can maintain good position and swim away on their own.