Snake Falls is located near Valentine, NE.

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Posted By: Will Bickford on 05/19/2017
Members of the Snake Falls Sportsmen's Club,
I feel I should pass along some quick notes about activities at the “Falls” before you arrive and are surprised by the changes in scenery.
In February, several members of the SRPG (Kyle Shidler, Mike Evers, John Groh, and Ken McElhose) and our managers (Curt Smith and Bill Howes) cut and removed many cedar trees along the canyon wall in the cabin area. The views are beautiful. Please join me in thanking these guys, and any I missed, for their efforts. Watch for the drop off!
In March, Joe Fehringer, John Groh, and Bill Groh started work on a new service building for Steve and Kris. Work is progressing rapidly on a building you can’t miss. Mike Evers and Mike McNiff will do the plumbing soon. It should be functional by the busy part of summer. This building will make changing out the cabins much more efficient.
In April, the Kingston men (John Paul, Paul, and Vince), along with Jay Scribner, put new windows and siding on Cabin 2. It looks great! A new floor and appliances have been installed as well. Work weekend went well. Julie Penn cooked (and how!) with the help of Lauri Kingston and Diane Kleager. Elizabeth and Will Bickford, Curt Kiner II, Robert Penn, John Groh, and Joe Fehringer accomplished multiple repairs, spring cleaning, and decorating. Laurie and Diane, John Paul, Scott Janike, et. al. emptied out the basement of Cabin 6. The lockers are easier to access and smell a whole lot better! Let Vince know if you want to rent one. Our indefatigable managers, Bill and Curtis, pitched in as well.
The trail between the cabins and the “ladder” was refurbished with some high-level engineering techniques by Libby, Will, Curtis, and Mike. You still may not want to use it if you are acrophobic.
At the “little sandy”, new fences are being erected to keep the cattle out of the river (and new water sources provided). The crossing area on the East Side has been graded, hayed, planted, and straw wattles have been placed to slow erosion. We will move the ATV trail a bit to the North. We hope to do similar work on the West Side this fall.
The trails have been reconditioned except for the “barrels” trail. Kyle and Bill are working on the food plot as this is being written.
Thanks to all those who helped, including the ones I forgot.
Looking forward to seeing you on the river!
Mike Adams

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